"Grail" 2016. 
Collaboration with Ashley Christudason.
This mythical cup represents the timeless bliss that arises when an individual overcomes fears of breaking from conventional expectations, and finds the courage and the means to live in accordance with the spirit of his nature. The grail knight is at first reluctant to speak freely, to claim and declare his truth, because doing so will conflict with the social order. When at last he makes himself heard, it is by questioning the very foundations of that system. "To whom do you serve," the knight asks? One can serve little ideas or big institutions. One can serve little kings or great ones. One can serve dogma and righteousness of all kinds, and each of these will bring its victories and defeats. But there is, beneath it all, a bigger mystery, a grander force, an energy that radiates "yes" within and around all dualities. Some drink from that cup.
I wove the grail over Ashley's digital collage titled, "Toward the Within." My digital hand drawing was based on an earlier acrylic painting, "Only Love Can Do That." Years of inward journeying on the loving wings of vision and art, converged on a new friendship and a glimpse of the grail.
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