Grasshopper Consciousness
Acrylic on Masonite 8" x 10"

How is it for you little one?
I see you see me with so many lenses.
My thoughts of you are as broken as your image of me.
Is the grass greener in your world too?
Is it a jumble?
Is it simple?
I see you leap, hide, and run,
but fear and excitement may not be so far apart.
Do you savor the game by the pond,
the bounce and bend of the leafy stalk?
Is there satisfaction in your time here?

I've had been loving on this little painting off and on for the better part of six months. There are so many ways to see and be in this life. The further it gets from familiar, the more anxious we become, but I suspect that there's great beauty out there beyond our own shape and size.
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