Kundalini Rising - Muladhara Chakra
I am the fire
and the union of opposites
I am the mystery
I am the sun of suns 
The ancient one
The root of the cosmic tree
I am your very beginning
though mine was forged with time
I am the wonder underpinning
Both chaos and design
I am the flame of your potential
The fuel and the burning
I am the spark behind the thought
that sets the wheel turning
I coil around creation
And spiral up the pillar 
I am anchored in the archer’s bow
I am the ego killer
My service is your pleasure
your pleasure is my path
I am kundalini rising
I am thriving 
I am wrath
I am driving through the vehicle
Of every living thing
surviving in a spectacle
Of the dreamers’ deepest dreams
I am the rhythm riding
I am the sonic ring
I am ecstasy erupting
The heat of love supreme
In stillness you will feel her stir. In silence, hear the hissing. In darkness you will see her form- the essence that is missing. It is absent from awareness, present in every breath, the energy of creation is never quite at rest. Circulating through the system, joining separate cycles into one, even death can't end the dance of life, once it has begun. Kundalini rising, the moves can all be learned, but it's only theorizing unless through practice one has earned, the song of serpent charming, that guides her on her way, the art of serpent changing, that is the cosmic play. Through the gates of presence, mastery of self, from survival to transcendence, from dis-ease to perfect health. Kundalini rising. Kundalini risen. From knowing not why one does, to complete connected vision.
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