It’s interesting to paint something that is designed to be multiplied indefinitely… boundaries are replaced with bridges.
Mindscape I
3.5” x 5” Acrylic on Masonite
Although we tell endless stories about how we do it, they're all hindsight. Unless we're copying something that already exists, no artist really knows the source and cause of new ideas. We talk about how we got there, what we were doing along the way, but when the flash of insight happens, when the creation takes shape, there is no real telling. Visions emerge from an unconscious flow. We revere it, we celebrate it, and mostly, we forget that it is who we are. Preoccupied with the voice in our heads, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that almost all that we think and do takes place beyond our awareness. The heart of being dwells far beyond our dribbling, scribbling, trail of words. It beats and circulates in a great ocean of unconscious activity.
Art provides a vehicle that can dive into these mysterious waters. We begin with a single act, a brush stroke of creative intuition. This is followed by another, and then another. Each one inspires or provokes the next, drawing us deep beneath the surface- into the realms of archetype and mythic imagination. Here, the rules dissolve. Lines become gradients. Thought, flesh. Light has weight. Emotion is color. The boxes are upturned and categories are rewired. Symbols rub up against symbols and the inhabitants speak nothing but the language of dreams. Down here, beyond convention, there are new lessons to be learned, echos of self and society, of ancient tales, and yet untold stories. All these strange reflections are freed from the bedrock of the world as we know it, and on the tip of a tiny brush, rise to the surface like mysterious bits of gold panned from a river.
We may, on occasion, look upon them with recognition. We may glimpse some passing shadow of a past or future self, a cloud of desire, a tree of anxiety, a brand new pair of eyes. But these nuggets from beneath the sea may never be named at all, remaining mysterious unresolved treasures from a deeper vein of ore.
Not always, but sometimes.... regularly, I think.... it is good to go for a swim and see what comes up.
The Original, in the fabulous frame, is available for sale. 
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