Svadhisthana, Chakra / Wheel II. 
Is it not delicious, exquisite, glorious beyond description, that the desire to survive is entangled so completely in the ecstasy of body and mind? Our ferocious passion to create is rooted in an irrepressible longing for the fruition of union. We are driven upwards to transcendence by a sublime dissatisfaction that aches for its own extinction in a bonfire of sensual surrender. The engine of desire is so great that it has washed across the history of civilization in alternating tides of revelation and destruction. It is the wild of our wild horses, the inner expression of nature’s most powerful forces. Cultures have sought in vain to repress it, and powerful individuals have unleashed it upon their communities like some tremendous fire breathing serpent, scorching the Earth with molten rivers of lust. In the wake of all this chaos, shame imprisons the spark of ecstasy, sealing it in the cold earth, where it leaks into the soil, rotting away at the roots, and contaminating thoughts and deeds with frustration, dissatisfaction, depression, and malaise. To awaken, escape, or simply thrive, one must claim the keys of both wanting and being wanted, internalizing the birthright of ecstasy, and taking responsibility for its motions through the world. For those who learn to dance with desire, the energies of creation are sown back into the field of life, bringing new growth, and new fruits to seduce and tempt us onward. The dance is both given and received, and the dancer must lead and follow in a balance of flame and water.
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